Department of Mathematics started its functioning in the year 1970 and B.Sc. Mathematics programme was introduced in the year 1986. Apart from B.Sc. Mathematics programme, this department offers allied Mathematics courses for other disciplines like Physics, Chemistry,Computer science, Commerce etc.

At present there are six regular faculty members, out of which one is having Ph.D. Degree, while others are pursuing Ph.D. Well experienced faculty members are dedicated in imparting the value education to the students as well as assuring the guidance needed to them. Many research articles of faculty members have been published in the reputed journals.

During this academic year there are 60 students studying for B.Sc. Mathematics programme out of which 46 are girls and 14 are boys.Well equipped department library provides the books needed to the students in the respective subject area. The students maintain a good standard in their studies . Most of the graduates have been well placed in various work fields as well as in the institutions of higher study.

Mathematics Faculty

Mrs.Sheena.K.P., MSc, BEd, SET, MPhil
Assistant Professor & Head of the Department
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Mrs. Mookambika.A.P., MSc, BEd, SET, MPhil
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Roshli.Aniyeri, MSc, MPhil, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
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Ms. Savitha K N, MSc, NET
Assistant Professor
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Raj Kamal, MSc, MTech, NET
Assistant Professor
Dr. Shilpi Agrawal, MSc, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

First year 17 7 24
Second year 16 5 21
Third year 13 2 15

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