Physical Director (i/c) - Dr. K. M. Gopinathan, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology
Marker - Ratheesan V. C

Physical education department of M.G.A.C, Mahe had commendable acheivements in the academic year 2018-19.

1. First time in the history of our physical education department, this academic year our 16 member College Football team captained by Sourav K.K. won firt palce in Pondicherry University intercollegiate football tournament held at Pondicherry on October 2018.
2. Six students of Mahe college football team were selected for Pondicherry University team coaching camp for South Zone inter University football tournament.
  1. Mohammed Suhaib P
  2. Amal Babu
  3. Mohammed Zeril
  4. Sourav K.K
  5. Mohammed Haroon
  6. Mohammed Sajir
Three students out of six were finally selected for the Pondicherry University team for South Zone Inter University football tournament.
 1. Sourav K.K.- III B.A. Malayalam
 2. Mohammed Suhaib P.- II B.A. Economics
 3. Amal Babu- I. B.A. Economics
Nihad K.P. of Ist. B.A. Economics was selected for Pondicherry University Hokey team 2018-19. Nihal K.P and Nihad K.P. of Ist. B.A. Economics were selected for Pondicherry University athletic team, Marathan event.