Dr. C.A.Assif, M.A, M.Phil, NET, Ph.D

Dr. C. A. Assif
The Principal (i/c)
Mahatma Gandhi Government Arts College, Mahe.
Chalakkara, Mahe - 673311
☎ 0490 2332319
📱 9447634764

Dr. C. A. Assif took the charge of the Office of Mahatma Gandhi Government Arts College on 31-04-2019. Being the head of the institution, he is the executive officer of the college. He actively supports all academic, administrative activities of the college and encourages the development of strategic initiatives in teaching and learning and widening participation. He always ensures the provision of management and support for all academic programmes within the remit of the College and works within University-wide structures to establish, manage and enhance academic, welfare and pastoral support for students.