For gender equality & gender justice in all its intervention & practices Woman Grievance Redressal Cell was established under the Act No. 20 of 1990 of Govt. of India. The Women Cell is responsible for looking into any complaints filed by students & staff about Woman Grievances at the college. It also helps in creating awareness about important issues related to women and provides a forum for discussion and deliberation on a range of issues from empowerment to environment.

Women cell was inaugurated in Mahatma Gandhi government arts College ,Mahe on 12th March 2007. It aims at counselling, helping and redressing the grievances of the women staff and girl students .it’s a common platform for females to raise their complaints , if any.

Usually in the beginning of the academic year inteteraction sessions are conducted to educate the girl students in the field of gender discrimination .Moreover lectures are arranged for the benefit of girl students in subjects like ‘Atrocities against women :crime and law’,’Women: law and society, etc.It also ensures good habits among girls to cultivate hygiene traits and live in a healthy atmosphere .Special programs are conducted on international women’s day also.

   Dr. K Manjula

   Dr. T.K. Geetha
   Dr. Rema kandiyan
   Mrs. Seena Balachandran
   Mrs. A.P .Mookambika
   Mrs. Sushina
   Mrs. Sarasu